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Skeptician’s Opinion on Atheistic Expression

Shermer is incorrect that anti-something movements fail. The religious right holds wrote the text on Antiism. The Religious Right [sick]┬áhas too successfully employed the Internet and the media’s love of controversy to promote its own Anti messages. Continue reading ‘Skeptician’s Opinion on Atheistic Expression’


Fear of Forbidden Fruit

Religionists are so scared of knowledge that many, such as the creationist family in “God’s Christian Warriors”, are home-schooling their children to ensure that they cannot bite the forbidden fruit of secular knowledge. If the facts supported religionist beliefs, then creationists would not need to attack or defend against knowledge. Continue reading ‘Fear of Forbidden Fruit’

One Father to Unite Us All

Call Him Yahweh, God, or Allah, the fictional deity is the same deity for all the religions. Let’s call Him “Yagoal” to indicate that there is ONLY ONE common J-C-I deity. One Father to Unite Us All. Except, of course, that human nature is more inclined to the divisive. Continue reading ‘One Father to Unite Us All’