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Skeptician’s Opinion on Atheistic Expression

Shermer is incorrect that anti-something movements fail. The religious right holds wrote the text on Antiism. The Religious Right [sick] has too successfully employed the Internet and the media’s love of controversy to promote its own Anti messages. Continue reading ‘Skeptician’s Opinion on Atheistic Expression’



 A friend recently asked why it matters that creationists are inundating the internet with misinformation, illogic, and bigotry.  That is such a big question that I started this blog.

Numerous studies demonstrate an inverse or negative correlation between religiosity and:

  • intelligence
  • educational level
  • education in science
  • liberal moral attitudes
  • acceptance of the fact of biological evolution (rejection of the fact obviously includes rejection of the theories that best explain the facts, but creationists oftne do not appear to know the difference) 
  • An inverse or negative correlation indicates that as one variable goes up, the other variable goes down. So, those who are not religious are more likely to be intelligent, highly educated, science educated, liberal, evolutionists, and vice versa

    Correlation does not necessarily indicate causation. Thus, lack of intelligence might result in an individual’s choosing the simplest expanation because unable to fully comprehend concepts, whereas choosing the simplest explanation does not cause a reduction in intellectual potential.

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